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Our People

The Driving Force

At Alio Gold, we have a long-term view that creates mutually-beneficial relationships with communities, employees, partners and shareholders. The Company is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities, working together to ensure a safe working environment where our people can thrive.

Understanding the local cultures, environments and social sensitivities allows Alio Gold to operate more efficiently. We work hard to promote diversity and hire locally.

Hiring locally is one key way that we contribute to the economic health of the communities in which we operate. Approximately 99% of our employees are from within Mexico, many of which originate from the communities directly around our operations and projects. We also recognize the need to attract more women to the Alio Gold team through increased awareness of the available positions to all members of the surrounding communities. Our Code of Conduct and recruitment practices ensure that there is no discrimination between genders.

Alio Gold is committed to provide an environment where every employee goes home safe each and every day.